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Waterproofing Train Rooftops

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Waterproofing Train Rooftops

Since 1994, Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff has been successfully applied to over one hundred train carriages for Kiwi Rail, Trans Metlink and Trans-Scenic rail in New Zealand and more recently Tairie Gorge Railway.

It was found that due the usual rolling and rocking movement and flexing of the train carriages, degradation of the train’s roof outer lining was occurring. This consisted of splitting in those train carriages which were copper or epoxy lined, and delamination on roofs that were canvas lined.

Rhino Linings was able to offer a solution for the various New Zealand rail companies experiencing this problem with Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff, a product that easily absorbed the natural expansion and contraction of the carriages due to is elongation properties without tearing, splitting or fracturing.

Proper surface preparation is required for the critical long term successful service life of the application, so preparation procedures as directed by Rhino Head Office were fully adhered to. All train carriage roofs were Rhino Primed and Rhino Tuff Stuff was applied to a thickness of 3mm.

Another additional issue was the high UV Exposure experienced in New Zealand which will cause colour loss to the product, to combat this problem Rhino Linings Top Coat was applied. It has been found that after 7 years exposure there has only been 2% colour loss.


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