… More Than Just a Ute Liner

Rhino Top Coat

Rhino Top Coat for Colour Retention and High Gloss

Rhino Linings spray applied protective coating systems are “Aromatic”,  What does this mean?  It means that the coating will discolour under UV light, the performance of the liner is not adversely effected by the UV light only the pigmentation.

If you are requiring colour stability, Rhino spray applied liners can be top coated with our Aliphatic Top Coat. Aliphatic (colour fast) top coats provide a fade free finish for the colour sensitive applications of Rhino Linings products.

Rhino’s top coats come in almost any colour and can be applied with a roller, paint brush or even a spray gun

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rhino Top Coat must be sprayed in a class 3 approved spray booth as the top coats are flammable

Rhino Linings Top Coats can be used for walkway boarders, safety markings and colour features.

Rhino Linings recommends if in the case a top coat is utilised in a pedestrian access application that a slip resistant aggregate be incorporated with the top coat.

Rhino Top Coat Formulation Properties

  • Exceptional gloss retention
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Excellent durability due to a high flexibility and toughness
  • Exceptional tolerance to marginal application conditions
  • High uv resistance
  • High volume solids
  • Low voc


Typical Rhino Top Coat Applications

  • Commercial flooring
  • Safety lines
  • Show / recreational vehicles
  • Marine applications
  • Locations where colourfast colours are required
  • Slip resistant walkways
  • Line marking


Industry Applications