… More Than Just a Ute Liner

Rhino Primers

RhinoPrime 251

For over 20 years this primer has been the Primer of choice for  Rhino Linings.  It is used to prepare galvanised metal, steel, aluminium and tin surfaces prior to Rhino Linings products being applied.  RhinoPrime 251 can also be used on polyurea or polyurethane surfaces in addition to fibreglass and some plastic surfaces.  However, RhinoPrime 251 is not recommended for use on highly porous substrates or surfaces containing moisture.

  • High resistance to acids, hydrolysis and excellent results in the salt spray and hot air tests.
  • Withstands various mechanical stresses, including where the liner is subject to impact.
  • Rapid curing, having a very thin build, that locks into the surface profile, allowing the main membrane to work with the substrate


RhinoPrime RL351

RhinoPrime RL315 is a holding primer for polyurea and polyurethane elastomeric systems where a protective coating is required over steel substrates. Primarily used as a blast holding primer, it is highly suitable for sealing the surface of the substrate and bonding with high build secondary containment systems. As with all primers, surfaces need to be correctly prepared to improve the adhesion of Rhino Linings spray applied coatings.

  • Formulated to eliminate rust back after blasting
  • Allows spray applied membrane to interlink with the steel substrate and help compensate for “cold wall affect” on membranes in steel tanks


RhinoPrime SP150

This product is highly moisture tolerant  and designed to both seal and prime concrete prior to the application of Rhino Linings polyureas and polyurethanes.   RhinoPrime SP150 can be applied over damp timber, concrete and bitumen surfaces. Displaying excellent resistance to fat and petroleum oils, caustic solutions and dilute acids, RhinoPrime SP150 is highly suitable containment and immersion applications.
Note:  RhinoPrime SP150 should be only applied in strict accordance with procedures supplied by Rhino Linings Australasia. Correct substrate preparation is critical for optimal coating performance.

  • Moisture tolerant primer and concrete sealer


RhinoPrime WB100

Highly moisture tolerant, RhinoPrime WB100 a user friendly, water borne concrete primer and sealer. The product is solvent free and can be brushed or rolled onto damp concrete surfaces. RhinoPrime WB100 is water proof and corrosion resistant, it is highly suitable for use in high traffic areas.

  • High flexibility, easy application and moisture cured


RhinoPrime PS26

RhinoPrime PS26  contains no solvents or VOCs, it is a sub-surface bonding agent  which is used to prepare, neutralise and seal concrete substrates where high levels of moisture are present.   This primer should only be applied by an authorised Rhino Linings Applicator using a 3000psi airless spray applicator.Specifically designed to penetrate and seal damp concrete structures

  • Specifically designed to penetrate and seal damp concrete structures