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Primers & Top Coats

Rhino Linings Primers

It is a known fact that many lining failures happen due to incorrect surface preparation and the applicator not understanding the relationship between the substrate surface, the primer and the top coating application.

The main role of a primer is to create a mechanical bond between the substrate surface the Liner. To allow the primer to “grab” hold of the substrate, the surface can be either sand blasted or acid etched, this basically increases the surface area of the substrate and gives the primer more area to bond.

The ultimate success of the bond is determined mostly by the cleanliness of the substrate surface at the time the primer is applied, if the substrate is contaminated with oil, dust or other residue than the barrier between the primer and substrate reduce.  That is why correct substrate preparation is so vitally important, if it isn’t than failure of the lining will occur.

Rhino Linings carries a range of primers suitable for polyurethane and polyurea elastomeric coatings.


Rhino Linings Top Coats

Rhino Linings Top Coat is a high performance, high gloss, two component, chemically cured aliphatic (colourfast) urethane and designed specifically for use with Rhino Linings elastomeric coatings.

Rhino Top Coat provides excellent colour retention and gloss in applications where colour stability is important.


Rhino Linings has a range of Primers and Top Coats available as part of their Surface Protection Coating Systems.