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Rhino PP1195

Rhino Linings PP1195 for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

Recognised for is outstanding strength, elongation, abrasion and chemical resistance, Rhino Linings PP95 pure 100% Polyurea lining system  is designed for heavy duty industrial applications, particularly where high performance and rapid turnaround times are critical.

Rhino Linings PP95 is spray applied using high pressure heated plural component spray equipment.  This high performance industrial coating physical properties include  high tensile strength and elongation properties. The coating sets rapidly in under 5 seconds adhering tenaciously to a variety of substrates including steel, concrete, fibreglass and timber.

Rhino PP1195 is Pure Polyurea, as a result it is not moisture or temperature sensitive which makes it ideal for applications in humid, cold or damp substrates without affecting the mechanical properties when applied in such conditions.  Additionally, the product is fast to cure benefiting the customer especially when application time is of the essence and limited downtime is required.

Rhino PP1195 is used extensively in water and wastewater treatment plants, tank linings, secondary containment applications, industrial flooring and mining applications. Primary containment in tanks and vessels subject to abrasion and/or substantial substrate movement

Rhino PP1195 spray applied protective coatings bond to almost any substrate regardless of the size or dimension.  Surfaces such as concrete, metals, fibreglass or wood can be spray applied to provide a  monolithic, protective seamless lining allowing for movement,  expansion, contraction, movement and flexing of the surface.  Additional benefits of Rhino PP1195 include abrasion, impact and corrosion protection.

Rhino Linings PP1195 Formulation Properties

  • Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Flexible through a wide temperature range.
  • Good corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Potable water certified in accordance with AS/NZ 4020


Typical Rhino Linings PP1195 Applications

  • Primary and Secondary Containment.
  • Industrial and mining applications particularly when rapid turnaround is critical.
  • Protection against food acids, processing chemicals.
  • Water and waste water applications.
  • Corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical protection.
  • Industrial flooring


Industrial Applications

For more information please contact your nearest Rhino Linings applicator they will be happy to assist with any queries.