… More Than Just a Ute Liner

Rhino Linings Duraspray

Rhino Linings Duraspray – strong, durable spray applied polyurethane protection

Rhino DURASPRAY is a unique two component elastomeric polyurethane coating system.  Being 100% solids it exhibits high levels of tensile strength (95A Shore Hardness), tear strength (2100-2200psi), impact resistance and is ideal for applications subject to vibration, expansion and contraction, movement

When compared to Rhino Tuff Stuff,  Rhino Linings Duraspray spray applied coatings provides the maximum hardness, impact and scratch resistance.   The product is slightly more rigid with higher cross-linking then Tuff Stuff, and for this reason Duraspray is able to provide a higher level of chemical, acid, corrosion and erosion resistance.

Proven for its lasting durability and toughness across a multiple of industries, nothing compares to Duraspray for industrial flooring applications such as food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, loading docks/ ramps, parking decks, car park safety and line marking.

Designed to be applied in high vehicular traffic areas and for those hardy tradesman’s vehicles that can take an absolute pounding through general everyday usage.  Applied to any thickness in one application Rhino Linings Duraspray can be ready to go to work in as little as 30 minutes, providing you a seamless, impervious lining that has significantly reduced your down time, returning your place of work back to normal much quicker than some traditional paint like products.

With a gel time of between 10-20 seconds Rhino Linings Duraspray can be applied at any angle and will adhere to virtually any substrate – even a mixture of surfaces is no problem, making it the logical product for usage when sealing walls and decking areas of two differing materials or waterproofing areas with a combination of substrates. With Duraspray there is virtually no moisture absorption being less than 1.5%. For more information on specific applications where Duraspray maybe the solution to your problem or to discuss your specific needs please contact Rhino Linings Head Office and talk to our Technical Department as they will be happy to assist with any queries.


Rhino Duraspray Certifications

  • AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip Resistance Class V

Rhino Duraspray Formulation Properties

  • High tensile strength and tear strength properties
  • Excellent for tough, hard surface / substrate protection
  • Very good vibration resistance
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good noise reduction


Typical Rhino Duraspray Applications

  • Floor and wall protection in industries such as food storage and processing plants, veterinary surgery’s, production areas and laboratories.
  • Truck Lift gates
  • Primary and Secondary containment
  • Excellent when used with geotextile substrates
  • Application to surfaces subject to: vibration, expansion, contraction, movement
  • Casting material for materials handling equipment such as Chutes, Hoppers and rollers
  • Reduces noise from impact and vibration.
  • Aggressive slip resistance performance can be achieved with aggregate integrated into lining.
  • Lining clarifiers
  • Slurry paddles
  • Water and Waste Water facilities
  • Pump Stations
  • Sediment Basins


Industry Applications


For more information on specific applications where DURASPRAY maybe the solution to your problem or to discuss your specific needs please contact your nearest Rhino Linings Applicator as they will be happy to assist with any queries.