… More Than Just a Ute Liner

Water & Waste Water

Used extensively in the water and waste water industries,  Rhino Linings  industrial strength pure polyurea coatings are recognised as providing  the most optimal solution to permanently shield against corrosion, chemicals, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and abrasion.The coating is fast curing and can withstand most chemical gasses produced at waste treatment plants.

Rhino Linings elastomeric  formulations  have been designed to  perform  well under extreme environmental conditions for extended periods of time.  The long term return on initial investment far outweighs the initial cost of application.

All Rhino Linings spray applied coatings are 100% solids, VOC  (Volatile Organic Compound) free and can be sprayed or cast onto practically any substrate including concrete, steel, fiberglass,  wood or geotextiles.  All Rhino polyurethane and polyurea formulations are tack free in minutes  and fully cured in 24 hours under normal conditions.

If you are looking for fast turnaround and a dramatic reduction in structure and/or equipment downtime and maintenance costs than look no further than Rhino Linings protective spray applied coatings.

Note: Several polyurea systems are available for Potable Water applications and are USDA-acceptable and NSF-approved to ANSI-NSF 61 Standard for potable water storage.

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