… More Than Just a Ute Liner

Tanks & Bunds

Polyurea linings are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids.  with their fast application advantages and ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, polyureas are ideal for new storage tanks, primarily lining and rehabilitation projects.’

Rhino Linings provides a proven solution for dependable containment around fuel thanks,  chemical  storage tanks or drilling well heads.   The oil and gas industry require containment and protective systems that meet strict industry requirements and that stand up to extreme weather conditions.

Environmental and anti-pollution regulations are becoming more onerous.  In accordance with EPA regulations and guidelines.

“The bund floor and wall must be constructed of materials impervious to the contents of any tank or container within the bund.”  Further more “The bunded area must be capable of preventing the migration of any spillage to the surrounding environment.”

Rhino Linings flexible, seamless and impervious linings offer an incredibly strong and easy to apply solution meeting EPA requirements.  Rhino Linings secondary containment systems provide a monolithic, impermeable lining that can be installed within a day, reducing tank farm and terminal downtime as well as provide long-term cost effective protection for your company’s assets.