… More Than Just a Ute Liner


Rhino Linings Australasia provides a full range of pure polyurea and polyurethane spray applied coatings for industrial applications against corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance for major builders, mining companies and project managers in the New Zealand and Oceania.

Rhino Linings Industrial Applications

As a manufacturer and supplier, Rhino’s priority is to provide premium quality products and coatings solutions to meet the growing demand of key industry, infrastructure and urban development players.  Rhino Linings New Zealand Applicators are able to provide you the best service and advice.  They have been trained in the application of Rhino products and have successfully applied these premium quality industrial coatings in large projects for primary and secondary containment, water and wastewater projects, industrial and residential waterproofing and corrosion protection.

As a customer when selecting the most suitable polyurethane or pure polyurea system for your next job, there are a number of points to take into consideration, these can include thinking about the:

  • Substrate type and condition
  • The require performance criteria
  • The location and application conditions
  • Do you have a shutdown schedule?
  • What is the life expectancy of the final application?
  • Do you require a colour fast coating
  • Is the coating required on a submersible object?
  • Does the surface need to handle vehicular or pedestrian traffic?
  • Does the surface need to be slip resistant?
  • Does it require a surface with a low co-efficient friction?

Keep in mind that no single variable can determine the correct type of spray applied coating you need to use.

The solution?  Ask your nearest Rhino Linings New Zealand applicator what solution they can provide for you. For further information on the various Industrial applications Rhino Linings polyurethane and polyureas are suitable for, click on the following links.

Containment | Water & Wastewater | Waterproofing | Mining | Military | Marine